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An old mountain, inhabited by people proud of their isolation.
A  ski resort among the first in Europe, Abetone, is not in the world  known alps, but in the more rugged appennins, this place, 70 km from  Florence in Tuscany and 80 from Modena in Emilia, is the hometown of  many great ski champions of the past as Vittorio Chierroni, Celina Seghi  and, of course the world and olympic champion Zeno Colò. But not only,  because also Giuliano “Razzo” Razzoli trained here before winning the  slalom olympic title in Vancouver, feubrary 2010.
Until  2008 it’s been just winter, that became a desert in summer, but then  on, the dusty and glorious stillness of this place has seen the birth of  Abetone Gravity Park from some visionary minds, sometimes also in spite  of many objections.
Soon  a reference for the bikers in central Italy, immediately suited with  seven tracks ready for freeride and downhill, with a modern gondola that  covers a vertical drop of 700 meters in just 7 minutes, many long  enduro trails that goes all the way down to the medioeval village of  Cutigliano, where you find a cable car with other 4 downhill trails, and  more than this, many miles of XC and enduro trails in the dense fir and  beech forests.
The  bike park has increased the inflow of public exponentially with a  unique mix of  warm hospitality, “tuscan style”, appropriate quality of  trails, beautiful mountain huts, great food, a workshop and a bike  rental with the latest bikes from GT.
The  trails are developed mainly in the woods after a transfer from the top  of the gondola through a meadow of blueberries, until the tree line. The  ground is strewn with rocks and big roots that make physically  demanding to descend, natural drops and off camber turns complete the  menu. Anybody coming here do not expect to find smooth french-style  trails, but something more challenging, sometimes hard to descend. The  difficulties may vary depending on the speed you’re traveling, and are  very satisfactory for the experts and a good school for the rookies. The  most suitable bikes are certainly the downhill ones, but now with  improvement of the new enduros with 27,5 wheels everyhting become more  and more easy.
If  ten years ago someone had told me that things would have change so much  in Abetone, I wouldn’t  believed it, but now it's different. And I like  it !!
During  10 years of operation the Abetone Gravity Park has hosted twice the  Italian national downhill Championships FCI/UCI, some other National and  International races ( with an Italian Cup win for Brook MacDonald  former winner also of the UCI world championship ), the Funky Day ( the  most important italian gather of mtb promoted by Tutto Mountain Bike mag  ) many endure races, and last but not least a hard and tough race  called Six Hours Endurance Downhill Gravity, where the racers compete  for six hours no stop, even tougher than in Ft. William where you rest a  little bit between one run and the following. A freeride/downhill  school has been devoloped in last years with many group rides and  mountain bike courses for children.
The  main downhill course has been heavily revisited throughout the fall and  will feature some new jumps in and out the woods, new bend a totally  new technical section in order to make even tougher for next year IXS  cup.
The  Trails are divided in 2 main sections : the downhill areas and the  enduro trails. It is possible also to experience xcountry easy trails  all along the mountain.


Coming from north/north east (Austria, east Switzerland, Germany, Czech and Slovak republik, Slovenia, Croatia etc.)
Exit Modena Nord on the A1 then follow SS12 southbound to Abetone
100 km from Bologna
80 km from Modena

Coming from west/north west (Spain, France, west Switzerland)
Exit Lucca on the A11 then follow SS12 northbound to Abetone
55 km from Lucca

Coming from south ( Italy )
Exit Pistoia on the A11 then follow SR 66 to Abetone
50 km from Pistoia
80 km from Florence

Closest Airports
Florence Amerigo Vespucci Airport (www.aeroporto.firenze.it) 80 km
Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport (www.pisa-airport.com) 98 km
Bologna Airport (www.bologna-airport.it) 111 km

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